Global Association of Postgraduate Students (GAPOGS)

Postgraduate students at any level, are naturally of higher reasoning and should therefore operate at a higher level of providing supports for school managements in the building of both human and material resources on campuses.
The Global Association of Postgraduate Students (GAPOGS) is envisioned as an inclusive and collaborative platform dedicated to fostering international cooperation, knowledge exchange, and professional development among postgraduate students worldwide.

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The establishment of GAPOGS addresses the pressing needs of school managements and postgraduate students by offering support, fostering collaboration, providing access to resources, advocating for their rights, promoting diversity, enhancing professional development, and encouraging impactful research to address global challenges.

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Events & Programmes

Post Graduate Research Student Conference 2024

When: 23rd – 24th January 2023, Where: UHI Orkney & Online, Theme: Elements - The student conference takes place every two years and this wil ...

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A New Year Message from GAPOGS: Embracing New Beginnings and a Warm Welcome Back to School Event!

Dear Members of the Global Association of Postgraduate Students (GAPOGS), As we bid farewell to the past year and step into a brand new chapter, GA ...

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Schools Court: Seeking Justice for Students, Staff, and Educational Stakeholders

Welcome to "Schools Court," a groundbreaking television program dedicated to advocating for fairness, transparency, and justice within the educational ...

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